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This site provides information on car pollution and the cars environmental impact. Car pollution reaches from air pollution to globel warming, water pollution to noise pollution, energy use to urban sprawl and so much more.

No other machine in history has had a greater impact on our environment then the car. This is because we create the environment we live in and we have remade our environment for the car. It is this landscape of the automobile which is the real challenge to sustainability. Our quality of life depends largely on the quality of our environment. The real question to ask is this - what has the car done to our environment and what kind of environment do we want to live in ?

LivingSpace covers just eight of the most important environmental and pollution issues. Each section starts with a brief introduction page behind which are the main pages and references. We have also created a 20,000 word database which we hope will provide many of the statistics which you might be looking for.

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Car Noise Pollution

A Silent Killer ?

Road Safety - Road Danger

Road Danger

Death on the Streets

Air Pollution

Air Pollution

A Tailpipe Tale

Car Pollution - Isolation

Lost Community

In Search Of Place

Car Pollution - Urban Sprawl

Urban Form

Dissolving The City

Car Pollution - Time

Time Pollution

More Speed, Less Access

Car Pollution - Peak Oil


Will The Wells Run Dry ?

Car Pollution - Global Warming

Global Warming

The Car & Climate Change

Car Air Pollution


Is There A Choice ?


What is the environmental impact of one car ?.

Climate change update.


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