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Sign up for these free Internet Publications and stay in touch with the latest news and views effecting cars, transport & the environment ... There is no connection between LivingSpace and these publications. But who cares !!

CarFree Times.

The leading quarterly publication from carfree.com. Carfree times is now in its twelfth year of publication. This E publication  covers all the issues relating to transport, the environment and how transport effects the built environment. Better still carfree Times holds an archive of previous issues reaching back to 1997 - and its all free ...

Sign up for Carfree Times at - http://www.carfree.com/cft/index.html

World CarFree News.

The monthly E bulletin published by the World CarFree Network.  Stay informed on the latest developments in the carfree world with the World Carfree News bulletin, available in eight separate language versions (Czech, English, French, Spanish, German, Hungarian, Russian, Turkish). World CarFree News will keep you informed of developments in the world of sustainable transport. 

Sign up for CarFree News:- http://www.carbusters.org/bulletin/

Carbusters Magazine.

NOT Free / but not expensive . (There is a free archive of past publications).

Carbusters Magazine is published four times a year by the World Carfree Network and produced by an international activist team in Prague, Czech Republic. It is a 32-page print magazine critiquing our society's car culture and exploring positive alternatives

Car Busters archive - http://www.carbusters.org/magazine/archive.php