Car Crash Victim

Photo: shutterstock


“As danger increases, so the trap widens its jaws and more and more non-car users get out of the way. With fewer pedestrians so there are fewer accidents. Only the foolish or foolhardy would ignore the risk ..”  Death on the Streets, Robert Davis (1).

Our streets, once safe, are now dangerous to walk! In this battle for the streets  the automobile will kill twenty five thousand every week and injure one million more.

One in ten hospital beds are occupied by an automobile victim. One in every 15 British children will be injured or killed by a vehicle before they reach 16.  These are only numbers. It becomes real when it touches you. This site owes its origins to a night some years ago. Hearing a ominous thud I quickly glanced left to see two people disappear under a speeding car. As the vehicle raced onward one victim was hit a second time, smacked off the car roof and was thrown twenty feet into the dark night air like a spinning rag doll, eventually hitting the ground with a dull thud. The other victim, blood stained but still alive, crawled screaming towards her lifeless friend. In that brief moment you realise how perverse it is to allow such danger to pervade our living streets.

The most basic requirement of public space is that it is safe and there was once a time when that safety was universal and unquestioned...  Then came the automobile...