Car Air Pollution 1

Photo: DPZ/Sustainable urban transport - 1st winner 2002 

- Air Pollution - 

Air pollution often chokes our cities. From the exhaust of so many automobiles emerges a thousand different chemicals creating a toxic and deadly cocktail (4) . Baked in sunlight this toxic mix turns to smog and this smog betrays the presence of the less visible but even more harmful “products” of the automobile.

In the Western world approx. six percent of the population will die from air pollution (1) and... surprise, surprise, the automobile is responsible for up to 80 percent of urban air pollution (2).

Within the city streets this acid haze eats away at the stonework of historic buildings (3) while diesel smoke and tyre dust gradually shroud our city's with a layer of toxic grey dust. Daily this toxic haze degrades the health of the city and its people. Studies from Calcutta show an incredible 70% of its people now suffer respiratory disorders caused by air pollution (18) .  But then, as a friend once said to me, “If you don’t like the air - wear a mask”.  How can you argue with that?