Traffic Congestion - Car Environment 1

- Lost Time -

Most of us commute over distances we would not otherwise commute, through a degraded environment that would not otherwise exist. Then we declare: “Look how much time has been saved”. The automobile first creates distance and then offers itself as the solution to the problem it has created.

We actually spend about a quarter of our working lives working to pay for our cars! (1). Add to this the health impact, the cars environmental, political and social costs and it becomes clear that the car does anything but save time. Never has so much effort, so much time and so much money been expended to “solve” the transport problem and yet society continues to pour billions into building a gridlocked landscape.  

The more we struggle to maintain the illusion that the private car saves time, the more we become entangled in a sytem that will absorb all the resources we can throw at it. At least within the urban context, the truth confounds the myth - the private car devours time.