Car Energy Use - Peak Oil 1

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- Energy Use -

"On current trends, we are on course for a dirty, expensive and unsustainable energy future. In response, urgent government action is required. The key word is urgent." Claude Mandil, International Energy Agency, The Scotsman, Nov. 8, 2006.

The way we use energy will change in the next few decades. Where this energy will come from is still an open question but what is increasingly clear is that the automobile’s current demand for resources cannot be extended across a growing global population. Even at present levels its impact on the environment has become unsustainable.

57% of global oil output is used by ground transport, of which about half is used by the private car (1). However, the car’s use of energy is not just about mpg. It is also about the resources that go into making and maintaining the automobile. More importantly, it is about the resources consumed by the environment that the car creates. This section takes a look at the automobile’s use of energy and what the future may hold.